ECHELON FESTIVAL 2021 – 20. bis 22.08.2021 BAD AIBLING


Echelon Openair festival already starts on Friday (16th of august) with a massive
Warmup party in the circus tent and on one outdoor stage.

We guarantee an unforgettable attunement with special family feeling!

Don’t wait to get your ticket, if you want to use the camping area you need to own a full weekend ticket!

Apropros: owners of the full weekend ticket are excluded from the one-way rule – so you can commute easily between camping space and festival area.

Please note

When entering the camp site you have to pay 15€ garbage deposit, in return you will get an empty garbage bag and
a deposite note. When leaving the camp site on sunday you will get 10€ back after giving us the used garbage bag and the deposite note.
The 5€ difference will be used for renaturation of the camp site.

For a caravan / camper you need an extra caravan ticket (per each vehicle) – only valid in combination with a full weekend ticket!


Opening hours of camping area?

The campsite opens at 11:00 AM on Friday and closes at 12:00 PM on Sunday. Access only with Full Weekend ticket.

Age limitations for camping?

 The Full Weekend ticket is only available for adults over 18.

What do I need to consider?

Please conform the camp rules – more information under “Camping rules”.

Food and beverage at the campsite?

We provide food and beverage to fair prices at the campsite.

Can I bring my own food?

You can bring as much as you want, drinks in “normal” festival quantities are allowed.

Can I take my car to the camping area?

Cars need to be parked on the parking space directly next to the camping area.

Is there electricity on the campsite?

We camp like true man with sticks and fire!

Can we have a BBQ on the campsite?

Please use the extra barbecue area on the campsite. You’re allowed to grill with a single-use grill or a charcoal grill.

Can I bring my gas cooker?

You’re not allowed to bring your gas cooker because of the fire risk – safety first!

Where can I take a shower?

You can buy a “Shit & Shower Flatrate” ticket for the whole weekend – only 8€ at the shower container!

How about pavilions?

Pavilions are allowed to a maximum size of 3×3 meters. Please mind to keep the escape routes free!

Can I bring my ghettoblaster?

A handy stereo equipment is allowed.

How far is it from the park and camping area to the festival entrance?

You can reach the entrance to Echelon within 10 minutes by foot.

What other accommodation options do I have?